How It Works

1. Select a document from the gallery

Creodocs provides beautiful templates for a wide range of uses: invoices, formal letters, menus, signs, recipes, CVs and many more. You can also add your own private templates.

2. Enter content for variable parts of the document

Templates contain fields where you enter content, such as the drinks and prices for a bar menu. Enter content manually via a form, automatically via an API or in a spreadsheet for bulk documents.

3. Create and download your document as a PDF

Creodocs professionally typesets your content in the template and provides you with a PDF document you can download or email.

The Workshop

The starting point on Creodocs is your Workshop. There, you can select from a number of document templates created by Creodocs, or from any private templates that you or your employer have added.

Fixed Document Fields

Templates contain variable fields where you can enter document content, such as the name and dates in a notice of inspection letter. These fields are fixed within the layout of the document and only accept specific types of information. This means documents produced using Creodocs are highly consistent and optimally fit for purpose.

Document variables example

Designed for Business

Businesses and organisations create large numbers of documents for communicating with customers and keeping records of information.

These documents should be produced from templates that appropriate staff can access and versioned as they change over time. Templates should be rigid in their structure to maintain consistency, but make it easy for staff to enter information in the correct places of the document.

Creodocs addresses these needs by acting as a central repository for your document templates with different access levels for each staff member. Staff can log in and create documents by entering content for each variable part of the document online. This makes documents consistent across the business and minimises the risk of entering information in the wrong place.

Creating Documents

After selecting a template, you can enter information for each field via a web form and optionally save it so it can be restored next time you come back to the template. You can also use an API or upload a database to create large numbers of documents automatically.

Document variable inputs example


Documents often contain sensitive information that you don't want third parties seeing. Creodocs only stores the bare minimum required to provide its services and a simple billing history. All documents produced can be deleted immediately or will automatically delete in 30 days with no backups. It's simple, Creodocs is only interested in charging you for creating documents, not mining your data.

Useful for Individuals

Documents are a part of everyday life, be it writing down a cooking recipe, creating a CV for a new job, or sending an invoice for contractual work. Creodocs offers a one stop shop for your personal document needs by providing a wide diversity of templates with a strong focus on design and typography to make your documents stand out. Each template contains fixed fields where you can enter content, so you don't need to worry about formatting, and fields can be saved to minimise re-entry time for future versions of the document.

About Creodocs Ltd.

Creodocs Ltd. is a small business based in New Zealand, developed and operated by the founder, Vel.
The focus of the company is on using LaTeX to create high quality documents for business, academic and personal use.

Creodocs Ltd. consists of: (launched 2012) (launched 2013) (launched 2021)