Documentation pages for using Creodocs.

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What is Creodocs?

Creodocs is a web-based platform that allows you and your business to create documents from predefined templates. Templates define the structure and layout of the document and specify fields where information can be entered. Unlike most document creation tools, Creodocs does not allow modification of the document outside of these predefined fields, and even restricts the type and length of information that can be entered for each field. This leads to documents that are highly consistent and guaranteed to contain the right type of information at each place where information can be entered. Templates are provided by Creodocs for all users, but you may add your own private templates.

Creodocs enables business use in several ways. Billing groups allow everyone in your organisation to charge usage to a single account responsible for payments and tracking individual use and spending. Custom document templates allow your organisation to personalise documents with your brand and access to private templates can be controlled so only particular people in your organisation can make use of them.

Both business users and individuals can specify document information in one of three ways, each covering a different document creation use case. Information can be manually entered on the website, which is useful for individuals to interactively log in and populate documents. It can also be submitted by uploading a database where each row corresponds to a document. This allows the bulk creation of documents when a large number of the same document are needed as a batch. Finally, information can be submitted by issuing a request to the Creodocs API. This allows applications to create documents automatically without human intervention.