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Template Ownership and Sharing

Creodocs provides a number of global templates that can be used by anyone with an account. These are owned and managed by Creodocs, but any user can submit their own template(s) which are private by default. Private templates can be owned by and shared with other users, such as within a company. This page covers the ways in which a user can have access to a private template, known as access levels, then describes how template sharing is managed.

Access Levels

Any number of users can have access to a private template. When a template is first added, the user who added it becomes the first owner and can then invite other users to have access. There are three access levels a user can have to a private template: owner, administrator or user. These access levels allow fine-grained control over how much power a given user has over the template. In a commercial team-based environment, this allows differentiating between people who simply need to use the template to create documents and those who are also able to make changes to it.

The table below lists all possible template actions, split by access level. Use this as a reference for deciding the access level to grant additional users of your template.

User          AdministratorOwner        
Create documents
View the access level of everyone with access
Update template with new versions
Switch to a previous template version
Delete inactive template version
Grant and remove user access
Grant and remove administrator access
Grant and remove owner access
Delete template

Template Sharing

Template sharing can be accessed for any private template in your Workshop by clicking the sharing icon (  ) under the template. This takes you to a page listing all users who have access to the template, split by their access level. If you have sufficient access, you can remove access to the template for a specific user by clicking 'Remove access' in their row. You can always remove your own access unless you are the sole owner, but removing another user's access requires a higher access level than them. Owners can remove anyone's access (including other owners), administrators can remove users and users can only remove their own access. Removing access is immediate and will delete any documents the user has recently created using the template.

To share the template with a new user, select the Share Template menu option on the Template Settings page. You will be able to enter an email address corresponding to the Creodocs user you wish to invite and select the access level you want to grant them.

If you are upgrading or downgrading a user who already has access to the template, remove their access first before sharing the template with them at the new access level.