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Billing Groups

What Are Billing Groups?

A billing group is a set of one or more users who share the same pool of credits, i.e. all documents created by any user in the group are charged to the group. The purpose of billing groups is to enable users to share credits with other users to reduce costs and consolidate billing.

When you create an account, a billing group is automatically created for you. When you purchase credits, they are added to your billing group and when you create documents, they are subtracted.

Sharing Credits

Each billing group has a single owner but can have any number of members. Owners can invite new members, remove existing members or transfer ownership from the Billing page. If you are the owner of a billing group with at least one other member, you are responsible for purchasing credits since only the owner can make purchases on behalf of the group.

Commercial users may wish to set up a single billing group for the company under a separate account and add all users of Creodocs to this group for consolidated billing and tracking usage. The owner of the billing group can see the full purchase history of the group in the Transactions section of the Billing page, including the breakdown for how each credit was spent by members of the group and on which templates.

The Current Members section of the Billing page lists the current membership status of each member in your currently active billing group where you are the owner. Each member can have one of the following statuses:

  • active - This is the member's active billing group and any documents they create will use the group's credits.
  • dormant - The member is part of the group but has a different group as their active billing group. Any documents they create will not use this group's credits.
  • invited - The member has been invited to the group but has not yet accepted the invitation. They are still active in a different billing group and cannot use this group's credits.

Multiple Billing Groups

When you are invited to a billing group, you will receive an email notification asking you to log in and accept—or decline—the invitation. Once you accept, you are immediately added to the group and it becomes your active group. Any documents you create from then on will be charged to the new group.

You can be a member of multiple groups but only one can be active at a time. Switching between groups is instant and is done in the Change Active Group section of the Billing page. The ability to switch between groups allows you to make use of credits from multiple sources, such as from different departments, companies or from friends. The default group that is created when you create your account allows you to switch between credits purchased for personal use and those purchased by someone else.

You cannot leave a billing group when you are the owner and there are one or more other members. This restriction is in place to force those who are responsible for a billing group with other members to see balance information regularly and purchase credits for them as needed. It is recommended for business users to designate one account as the billing group owner who will be responsible for managing group membership, purchasing and tracking usage.